Friday, 18 September 2015

♛ Pandora & Me

Hi, it's been a while since not updating my blog. I've been busy working lately, hanging out with my friends and been to some places. Too busy enjoying the upside downs of life! But know I'm back :)

 I am currently employed as a sales executive at Pandora The Shore Malacca. Pandora was an amazing & well known jewelry brand worldwide for it's concept, where you can make a story in your bracelet by using meaningful beads which is called as charm. Pandora has been a great success in Malaysia for almost 5 years now.

Currently we are launching a new season, which is called as Magnificent Kingdom. The new colors are so beautiful and shiny. We have 7 drops in a year. Every drop launches new designs followed by theme.

We have 15 theme which includes travel sets, decorations, floral, animals and much more. Below pictures shows some of my effort making a bracelet based on theme. It's a bit tiring but fun!

This is our latest charm designs which are called as the majestic feathers. The theme color was purple and has wings.

Pinkish theme majestic feather. I'm trying to make it fancier & brighter. 

Magnificent kingdom theme with green colored crystal. The green color was so attractive, which make a good match with gold.

8 months working and I think I am getting serious in designing now :) Don't ask the total price for this bracelet okay? later you will shocked. haha.

Excuse me for the bad alignment. Done fix them.  

I wish I could Introduce you guys more about the charms but I don't have much time right now. In this moment all I hope is to improve myself more during my time here and gain many experience as much as I can working in retail. Okay that's all, See ya!

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