Monday, 26 October 2015

♛ Crystal review : Prehnite gemstone

Hello guys it's almost 1 a.m. and I am still wide awake resting on my bed. Tonight I'm wearing SHILLS 3D mask to nourish back my tired, dry & pale looking face. I also applied pure olive oil & shea body butter on my whole body to maintain my skin moistures. Sigh* It's been a while since not taking care of my skin, seriously. Too busy with work until forgot to take care of myself.
While waiting for my mask to dry, I am going to share about another precious crystal pendant of mine, Prehnite. Last time,I bought this pendant together with my amazonite stone.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

♛ Shopping hauls & Review : Benefit Pretty Parfait

Good morning everyone! I'm back. It is still a hazy day. But that won't prevent me from being productive and I am so glad that I am still healthy until today.
So what's up? Today I am going to post some hauls about benefit products. Few days ago I went to Mid Valley visited Benefit and managed to buy some cosmetics...It has been 2-3 days since wearing benefit cosmetic during working. Here are my reviews!
After few minutes deciding which product is more worthier in terms of price, I decided to purchase Pretty Parfait & Oxygen WOW Foundation. I get the eyeliner & serum as freegift.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

♛ Crystal review : Amazonite gemstone

Good afternoon everyone. It's my evening shift today. So before going to work, I am going to write about a crystal which is named, amazonite.

I am a crystal lover and want to be a collector. I like the pointed one the most. I feel less attracted to rounded cut crystal. Maybe they seems too agey for me. I love crystals because of their color, their uniqueness and most of foremost, their functions.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

♛ Pandora Christmas Charm collections 2015

Good news to all Pandorians! Christmas season is launching soon, 29 October and I am excited to design new bracelet for our boutiue display. Embrace yourself because some of the few charms that I am going to show you today are going to make you want-to-buy-it-all! The new drop will have 3 themes which are crystal embellishments, classic christmas, and deligate sentiment!
(Names & pricings of the charms will be remain as secret. Please visit our boutique for the latest drop.)

♛ Crystalised Embellishment ♛ 

Crystal embellishment are frosty, icy & blue themed. For those who feel less attracted to blue color may change their mind after seeing these charms!

This is my most favorite dangle ever. This snowflakes has perfectly aligned zirconia settings with clear & bluish color. The size for this charm was big too. So what story can you make about this charm? What does it symbolizes?

Thursday, 8 October 2015

♛ Liesse haircolor review

Hello, how's your day? Today I'm going to write a review about liese haircolor. My all time favourite product.

 Since always end up in frustations in the saloon, I have always dye my hair by my own. I previously use Revlon, Loreal, Sasha, Gatsby and many more. Sadly few of the products also does not satisfy me much. Not all product will turn out like the color as it supposed to be. Sometimes I even use cheap products which turns out good dye color, but in the end they destroy my hair! (Click on the read more below!)

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