Wednesday, 21 October 2015

♛ Crystal review : Amazonite gemstone

Good afternoon everyone. It's my evening shift today. So before going to work, I am going to write about a crystal which is named, amazonite.

I am a crystal lover and want to be a collector. I like the pointed one the most. I feel less attracted to rounded cut crystal. Maybe they seems too agey for me. I love crystals because of their color, their uniqueness and most of foremost, their functions.

This is amazonite crystal. One of the first crystal I bought from 'crystal corner' AEON Jusco Melaka. The price is RM88 which is considered cheap and the color was bluish-green. I do not know why but during comparing, I am called to bring this one home! Why? During buying, 98% crystal collector believes the gemstones may choose you, not you choose them. That's why you shouldn't care when your friends told your crystal was ugly. Because it's not their stone! 

Actually I felt a bit offended when two of my friends said that it looks like plastic. But when I see their crystals they look like sh*t too. Haha. Different people with different gemstone destinies.

So what is the function of amazonite. This stone originated from amazon and is a stone of truth. It opens your throat. It assist  good communication between people without overemotionalism. It is good for business. Amazonite overcome loneliness, making marriage life happier.

Also known as a stone of prosperity, in the workplace amazonite dispels negative energy and protect against unfair business-practices. They could enhance your critical thinking and boost IQ. It may bring luck in financials, heals past traumas, soothes energy and filter out stress.

 I also do not believe in myth superstitions 100%. But i just can't hold myself from saying that I could feel the difference when wearing this pendant.

Frequently, i will wear this pendant during working days and I feel superb. My communication between my customers is better, my critical thinking boosted, easy on explaining, braver & focus, received compliments, has higher self-attractions and feel peace at all times. I know this crystal is just so right for me.

I'll be writting more about crystal soon so stay tuned! 

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