Monday, 26 October 2015

♛ Crystal review : Prehnite gemstone

Hello guys it's almost 1 a.m. and I am still wide awake resting on my bed. Tonight I'm wearing SHILLS 3D mask to nourish back my tired, dry & pale looking face. I also applied pure olive oil & shea body butter on my whole body to maintain my skin moistures. Sigh* It's been a while since not taking care of my skin, seriously. Too busy with work until forgot to take care of myself.
While waiting for my mask to dry, I am going to share about another precious crystal pendant of mine, Prehnite. Last time,I bought this pendant together with my amazonite stone.

Prehnite is a lime green stone that is found in Australia, South Africa, China, Scotland and the USA. It was known as a stone of magic because they strongly connects to the divine of mind. According to some informations they said it enhances spiritual growth and precognition, "direct knowledge or perception of the future, obtained through extrasensory means." Some also said Prehnite as a stone of unconditional love. Prehnite connects the will and the heart. In so doing one's actions attain the highest good.
Prehnite is for dreaming and remembering. Brings new friends. Utilized for meditation. Enhances the ability to make contact with unseen entities.
These information can't really be assured but you can find many information about this crystal across the internet. You can read it here

 Anyways , It's not that necessary to believe anything that is scattered around the internet. It is better to feel it yourself. I also have my own experiences while wearing this pendant.

This crystal attracts me for its lime-green color . When I look at it I feel peaceful and ease in heart. When I hold it, I felt mild vibrations and sudden change in mood and perceptions.

The crystal is known to cure those who are easily anxious, moody, hurt and emotional (like me) because it soothe & make you feel more relaxed especially when you are having problems. It also makes you think more mature so you could solve problems in good ways.


I always wear this crystal because it gives me the strength to forget painful memories and infuse happiness as long as I'm wearing it.

I bought the crystal at Crystal Corner AEON jusco, each is around RM80, which is actually considered the cheapest. The expensive one may cost hundreds. Haha. Usually I wear both of the crystal during working hours to make my career more productive & consistent, away from emotional disturbances. My next wishlist FLUORITE!

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