Tuesday, 20 October 2015

♛ Pandora Christmas Charm collections 2015

Good news to all Pandorians! Christmas season is launching soon, 29 October and I am excited to design new bracelet for our boutiue display. Embrace yourself because some of the few charms that I am going to show you today are going to make you want-to-buy-it-all! The new drop will have 3 themes which are crystal embellishments, classic christmas, and deligate sentiment!
(Names & pricings of the charms will be remain as secret. Please visit our boutique for the latest drop.)

♛ Crystalised Embellishment ♛ 

Crystal embellishment are frosty, icy & blue themed. For those who feel less attracted to blue color may change their mind after seeing these charms!

This is my most favorite dangle ever. This snowflakes has perfectly aligned zirconia settings with clear & bluish color. The size for this charm was big too. So what story can you make about this charm? What does it symbolizes?

 For blue lovers, this is blue icy crystal for you. The crystal was so shiny and look just like a frozen ice. It has small stones settings around it which makes the charm more glitter. You can see love patterns inside it. 

Besides that, this is our new glass! This one looks like adventurence glass that is once out before. The glass color was dark blue and 50% transparent with glitters. I predict that this one may become one of our bestseller. They might also be discontinued fast so you gotta have one for yourself as early as possible!

Snow quartz. They are white as milk with a bit transparency. This charm is for those who doesn't like too much color on their bracelet. Snowy quartz also can match with any color.

♛ Deligate Sentiments ♛ 

These are fancy charms with soft color to choose from for your bracelet. Pandora is just getting fancy from time to time!

Who doesn't love ribbon? It is a light pink colored charm with lots of ribbons circling around. kawaii!

Instead of ribbon, we also have a new bow with full of stones which have small love dangling below it. You can either put in the middle of your bracelet, or side by side. This charm is actually big-sized.

This is white scattered love charm. Previously we have pink colored version of this and due to high request finally Pandora produced white version of this charm. Usually this charm is referring to someone who is deeply in love with 'his' beloved one. The love was flying and scattered around which clearly symbolizes his love feelings. Can you see the gold love in the middle? The gold actually represents 'her'. So sweet right?

♛ Classic christmas ♛ 

This is a gift box with red striking red color enamel, a perfect gift for your loved ones during christmas! This charm has red enamel & was a little bit heavy. It was a new version from previous gift box. 

This is also another amazing gift box openwork. It was actually just another version of the same gift box that don't have silver box in it. The pricings must be lower than the other one because it has lesser materials.

 The red nose reindeer! Reindeer always symbolizes Chrismas! 

That's all for today's entry. Thank you for reading. Have you decide which charm you like? I love all the new arrival designs. For more product information, please visit any pandora outlet in Malaysia to see our latest product, at 29th October. Who knows we also got sales & offers right? Bye! 

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