Thursday, 8 October 2015

♛ Liesse haircolor review

Hello, how's your day? Today I'm going to write a review about liese haircolor. My all time favourite product.

 Since always end up in frustations in the saloon, I have always dye my hair by my own. I previously use Revlon, Loreal, Sasha, Gatsby and many more. Sadly few of the products also does not satisfy me much. Not all product will turn out like the color as it supposed to be. Sometimes I even use cheap products which turns out good dye color, but in the end they destroy my hair! (Click on the read more below!)

So I went to Sasa looking for another new brand and mostly they only got japanese's hairdye. I have no choice but try! I actually feel obvious with foamy hair colorant. I'm afraid it will only destroy my hair and you know, no color changes.

But I'm so glad Liese doesn't dissapoint me! Why I like this product?

  • Liese is easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Soft smell unlike regular hair colorant which has strong chemical smell
  • Unlike regular product, Liese is a foamy & creamy color
  • Distributes color evenly every strands
  • Earth-natural color
  • healthy looking hair
  • No damage
So now the color type I use here was Milky Tea Brown. These are the items inside the box : A pair of gloves, 1 & 2 application bottle, a conditioner & a pump.

Firstly, dispense the chemical from bottle 2 inside bottle 1.

Slowly mix them up together. *Do not shake! Do not create foam. Just tilt the bottle nicely until the color become darker.

Done! Now put on the dispenser & also the glove! ready to shampoo your hair.

This is my hair before dye applications. I can see my virgin strands grew long already.

Hair color gets worser & uneven few months after my hair starts growing. Sorry for the low light camera saturations.

After application! To use, dispense the foam and massage your scalp gently starts from your fringe. Harsh massages wont create foam. Massage until the foam gets heavier and enough to cover all your hair. It was so easy to apply unlike regular haircolor, you will need to dye strands by strands, which are so tiring!

The foam produced was a bit sticky and do not fall off easily. After 40 minutes you can wash it straightaway, don't forget to use the conditioner given and you might need to use shampoo to take off all the foam. You can also heat your hair using hairblower to boost the color. 

My hair color now. This is actually my third time using liese and I am always satisfied with the results because it covers my virgin hair evenly. Milky Tea Brown color also makes my face brighter! Soon if my hair grows I will definitely buy Liese haircolor again because the price was really worth it.

My next desired haircolor ;) But need to wait a few months before I dye my hair again.

Lots of love ♥ Thanks for reading!

My rate of experience :    stars!

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