Thursday, 22 October 2015

♛ Shopping hauls & Review : Benefit Pretty Parfait

Good morning everyone! I'm back. It is still a hazy day. But that won't prevent me from being productive and I am so glad that I am still healthy until today.
So what's up? Today I am going to post some hauls about benefit products. Few days ago I went to Mid Valley visited Benefit and managed to buy some cosmetics...It has been 2-3 days since wearing benefit cosmetic during working. Here are my reviews!
After few minutes deciding which product is more worthier in terms of price, I decided to purchase Pretty Parfait & Oxygen WOW Foundation. I get the eyeliner & serum as freegift.

This is a small sized 'They're Real! Push-up liner' by benefit. It is a long lasting, waterproof, gel eyeliner which is blackest black in color. I've tried on my hand and they lasts until 24 hour! Even If I wash them they don't really fade that fast. I refused to buy them when the boutique staff recommended but I still get this as a free gift.

Instant comeback facial serum! This is very good for those who have tired & dehydrated skin after working days. The serum absorbs nicely on my skin and the smell is sweet. This is best to be applied before you get to sleep. See your skin tomorrow morning will become more supple, fairer, hydrated, firmer and energized!

'Hello flawless oxygen WOW' foundation is one of Benefit's best selling so far. They are lightweight and an oil-free liquid foundation with SPF 25 protection. I really love this foundation because it have some ingredients that hydrates my skin all the time. I am working under air-conditioning temperature which makes my skin dry and I feel so great this foundation saved me! 'Hello flawless oxygen WOW' diffuse nicely on your skin. They also contain vitamin C & E that fights aging! Worth buy it!

Beauty parfait sets! I actually bought this with discounted price. From RM300+ I only buy it around RM175 or something which really saves a lot. Each items inside it may cost around hundreds and i'm gonna regret if I didn't buy it with discounted price.

So these are the four items inside the beauty parfait box. At last..! I get what I've been craving for all this time especially the porefessional & the mascara!

POREfessional! This are the best selling products ever in the Benefit. They are softt liquid that covers pores and wrinkles lines perfectly. POREfessional absorbs through your skin very fast. After applications my skin becomes very smooth like satin. I really love it.

Benefit's 'Stay don't stray' eye shadow primer. This is to be applied before applying the eyeshadow. It makes your eyeshadow stays longer & better. This primer is very essential for 12 hour workers like me as our appearance is very important.

Another best selling product from Benefit 'they're Real' mascara, the best mascara I ever use before! 
It volumise, curls up, extend and lifts your lashes up. Even the tiniest lash can extend longer. The brush has a club shaped brush on the end of it which makes it easier to apply both upper and lower lashes. They won't smudge and clumps. I really love it.

Last but not least, 'Gimme brow' for eyebrows. It is a fiber gel that volumise eyebrow. I never tried this yet as the color was too bright. Maybe later!

So far, for me Benefit products are the best & really worth the price. Instead of having excellent qualities, the packaging are also very attracting and creative. I want to buy benefit lipsticks too but they are balmy and more like tint. I asked them if they have something like matte but unfortunately they don't. I am less interested with balms because they fade off quick. Maybe next time! 

My rate of experience :   stars!

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