Sunday, 22 November 2015

♛ Beauty reviews : Benefit Oxygen WOW

Morning Sunday. :)
Today, I want to make an entry about Oxygen Wow foundation by benefit!

I've been using this foundation for a while especially during working. It brightens and evens the skin tone very well.

With SPF 25 PA+++, the foundation comes with 9 color shade options that can match with different types of skin colors. You can refer to sephora's website for the color codes Click here.

The options comes with funky nicknames like '1- I'm pure 4 sure', '2-I'm Plush and Precious', ' '3-Cheers To Me' and etc. Recommended by the boutique staff, mine was the fourth shade '4-I'm so money,honey'. Well I actually have an average brown of skin tone, not too fair nor too dark.

It was lightweight and absorbs in the skin very well.

The textures was fine, not cakey, just fine. It corrects your skin tone and feels like not wearing anything at all. However, this foundation may not be suitable for reddish, acne skin because the coverage is only around 8/10. If you are looking for high coverage this might not be a good choice.

My skin only have blemishes and black dots so they get covered just nice. The textures was perfect but later became dull and dry after 8 hour wear under air conditioning. I'm working under air conditioning 6 to 12 hours per day so I am aware of the changes. Or maybe my skin just dry

Actually I like it so I will buy them again next time.

My rate of recommendation :     stars! 

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