Saturday, 21 November 2015

♛ Sky tower & The Rex Melaka

Finally the place that I have been craving for! Today me & my dear went to The Shore Skytower around 9.30 p.m. I was boring & hungry and thinking of spending my relaxing time there. We arrived during the closing time. Sad, I should have come earlier. I managed to took some photos from the highest building in Melaka though.

Still have the chance to see the views from 41st floor!

From the shore mall, you will need to go 1st or 2nd floor doorlift to the tower

Melaka of the night. It was very beautiful.

The entrace to the place where you can view clearly while standing ON GLASS was RM18. 

After that,we went to my favourite place just in front of the shore, REX cafe and lounge. I had some draught and fine dinner. A very nice & relaxing place! Not so crowded with noises. Tiada mabuk sana mabuk sini, jerit sana sini. 

The food choices also has never dissapoint me. Last time most of the staffs are also my friends, but now lots of new staffs already. No more free free food. Haha

Fried lambchop RM19.90

Tears Delight Fried Rice RM9.90

That's all.. Still a great night though. Asalkan not sitting at home for the whole day.. Haha. I think I will go again around this week, I really want to enter the skyview place. Goodnight!


  1. hey why so cute?? bestnya jalan2 Melaka! hehe

  2. Hi there. A very inspiring blog, and what a beauty you are! by the way, cantik betul sky tower tu malam2 :)


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