Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Last month I spent my holiday at midvalley KL & I-city Shah alam tapi nda sempat post dalam blog. So here it is... 

It's been few years since not going here. I was super excited to explore the all new I-city! last time I go is when I was 21. Now I am 24. I-city has been much different compared to back few years ago. So many entertainment has been built inside but are costy too!

The map of whole I-city. Syok!

Itsy Bitsy more for kiddos. I wasn't that interested to go in.
I'm on Hollywood!

What I frustrated at this place is lack of good restaurant. I'll be waiting for more improvements.

Yay space mission!
 So this is a must have card to play in the I-city. One card can be used for one family with 2 years expiry. The fee was RM50 with RM48 credit inside it. You can buy it at any ticket booth. Mostly one game costs RM15 per person.

The entrance. WOW!
The place was fantastic! but it was a bit spooky because no one except us is in the museum. No music, no background sound except for the robot sound.

Alien in the chamber. omg

 Camera's battery was freakin limited at this time and we don't always come here so .. nevermind.

I feel like in the movie this time...
I don't know how much is the cost for building all of this... but RM15 worth enjoy all the art & hardworks to make this a success..

You see how my dear take this photo? I am not even at the center. pfft
 In this museum they put huge eggs, aliens, transformers & even avatars. They also put robotic sounds to make it all feel like real...

I am really amazed by the magnificent view you have to see yourself.

Avatar! They seems very tall and so real. I was in a fast railway during that time. so photo blurr 

Entering the world of avatar...there are many sounds of wild creatures. Not the sound of tigers or lions but creatures in the avatar movies.

I love space, planets and galaxies. Amazing!

Space world with quizez about space in touchscreen. I scored around 8 per 10 question. Haha.

The space museum ends with alien 3D art downstairs.

It was such an unforgettable moment. I'll go again next time.

My rate so far   stars!

..to be continued - 3D art museum..


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