Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Holla I'm back! This is another throwback from the 3D-art museum. I was super duper excited to enter because I never been before. Here's are my compilation of FAILED photography taken by my dear. So please just enjoy it. Haha.

First of all, this is the most acceptable 3D photo of mine from the museum. sabar sajalah huhu

tidak senonoh! haha btw I like this art, it's funny

I thought the stick on her face was a dart... it's actually a makeup brush.

failed attempt. Haha. I didn't really touch the fish

Oh you know who took this picture. Damn fail!

I wish this photo isn't blurry -_- btw my hair is ugly. Once ago I get a bob-hair cut. When they grow long jadi macamtu lah.  Recently I have cut a new shorter hair.

epic failure! But I love this art

Spider Man. No freakin idea what to pose.
A giant squid with RM100 on the tip of his tentacle. I don't know how to pose with this sotong kurita!!

Give a caption for this. Hahaha.

I suppose to hold the busket, ah whatever

a little bit of contrast that has to be adjusted. hmph. still a 3d failure.

The most tidak jadi photo...  enough! enough!
I have always wanted to go to 3D museum... but I never thought that it's going to be that hard to get the correct angle for a perfect 3D photo. There are more photos we didn't take since both of our phone already dead. Gambar yang lain kalau tidak cantik tidak payahlah upload. Bikin malu. Haha. By the way, it was a really great experience and fun. Next time I will visit the place again!

My rate so far    stars!

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