Sunday, 14 August 2016

♛ Home Sweet Home 11 Aug

Hi yalls! Againnnnnnnn I left my blog for a very very long time! I'm such a bad blogger..
Well I don't know sometimes i'm just so lazy in constructing words & ideas. I focused so much on my work I feel moodless in blogging. But currently I'm relaxing myself at my very own home sweet home. Guess I'll have more time writting blog after this. I went to Phuket earlier of this year (cerita basi) and I'll post about it soon.

Throwback at KLIA. Excited!

For people who keep asking me how many times I return to my home, I return only once per year. Usually I'll be home around 2 weeks only and then I will return Melaka, the place where I work. It'll never be the same as during I studied once ago which I came back twice per year for 1 to 2 months.

Sad right? But I believe God allows me to live far away from my parents so that I can learn what life is. 

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