Monday, 15 August 2016

♛ Pandora Haul

Good day everyone Keningau was so hot today. I'm bored and I wanna post about my rings collection that I bought from Pandora Melaka.  I feel so happy to be able to reward myself something I love after working hard all this time.

Pandora's ring has many design to choose from. You can refer via website Here or request for free catalogue at our boutique.

Vintage, classic & funky
My collections
Petals of Love - RM289 (left)
Timeless Elegance - RM329 (upper right)
Alluring Brilliant Princess - RM289 (below right)

I choose different shapes & styles that I really love so it'll be easier to match to any of my outfit. I had a hard time choosing and I was so freakin picky! Guess what, I finally made my decision after 1 week. Haha. I couldn't imagine if I found a customer like ME. But I'm glad that I myself the salesperson so I can decide anytime I want! 

Nowadays Pandora are quite trendy eventhough they are just silver. Yes, they are silver. And what people say about silver? no resell value? no trade in? Of course dear, it's not white gold or platinum or anything you think. The stone used are also manmade stone, cubic zirconia. But you shouldn't look down on lab-made CZ because their strength was harder than other gemstones.

HardnessRelatively hard, though nowhere near diamond but harder than most natural gemstones found. 8.5 on Mohs hardness scaleExtremely hard (10 on Mohs scale). The hardest known natural material.

However, I choose to wear Pandora for my own satisfaction and self-reward. They are undeniably pretty & as shiny as diamonds. I am also amazed for their creativity & uniqueness. Mostly the products are handfinished which makes it more detailed & special. At first glance they look like white gold because their tone was brighter than normal silver out there.

But the color will still change if you always bring them to shower or swimming pool or to the sea etc. Quite normal for silver. All silver oxidizes but will not rust & destroy like steel.  I have no problem for that because I never bring my jewelry to shower or whatever. Lucky for the customers, pandora malaysia provides free lifetime polishing services. 

Actually I also bought a pair of earrings for RM289
Just can't stand itt! It's so cutee, been wanting it for a long time.

Christmas collection 2015, inspired by snowflake during christmas season. I love it's unique and luxurious design.

The materials used are also silver & cubic zirconia. Handfinish.  If you want to know more about handfinishing is, you can search pandora in the making through the youtube.

That's all for my sharing today. Thanks for reading!

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