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Hello, welcome to my blog. My name is Clare and I am Sabahan. I once resides at Penang for 4 years and now I am living in Melaka. I studied at Allianze Medical Science University and obtained Diploma in Medical Science. I am currently employed, working as a sales executive at Pandora.
I have interest in so many things. I love to learn new things. I live independently and able to face many challenges in life bravely. I am someone who will never give up everytime I failed. For me life is precious. The upside downs in life will finally becomes a sweet memory that can never be repeated.
 This is a place where I post my hauls, reviews, thoughts, ideas, opinions and expressions. The entries of this blog is written as what I see and experienced. Actualy I've been blogging since 2010. Almost all of my old posts has been put to draft for some reasons. Well, new year, new life!
Thanks for visiting. Have a nice day ahead!

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